A Self-Publishing Crash Course – Learn the ins and outs of publishing your next book



Has it been a while since you self-published your book? Are you considering self-publishing your book for the first-time? Then January’s meeting is one you shouldn’t miss!

Join us on Jan. 21, with our host Veronica Yager, CIPA’s president, as she shares the need-to-know information about self-publishing a book in today’s market. What is “POD” anyways? Find out at January’s meeting!

  • Do you need a publishing entity?
  • Is it safe to buy discount ISBNs?
  • Self-publishing models: POD vs Hybrid
  • How to get your book on Amazon and B&N
  • Goodreads / Amazon Author Central
  • KDP’s New A+ Content, a MUST!
  • And more!

About Veronica –

Veronica Yager is the founder of YellowStudios Book Publishing Services. She been in the publishing and design industry for nearly 15 years. She is also the current president of CIPA. Veronica’s mission is to help make publishing a book as painless and easy as possible for indie authors. To help this mission, Veronica hosts twice a month group self-publishing mastery sessions via Zoom – you can learn more at https://www.authorsnookwithveronica.com/


Runtime: 1.28 hours