Suspense Is Not Limited To Thrillers



Suspense is not limited to thrillers; suspense is what keeps the pages of any book turning. There’s nothing more nail-biting than a romance, or a story about a friendship gone awry, or an essay about a Thanksgiving dinner with an extended family that has spread out all over the political spectrum. Writer and teacher Lisa Jones has long been fascinated by suspense and has created a formula for writing a short suspense scene in any genre. She’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of her formula, then walk you through it while you write! If there’s time, folks will get a chance to read what they’ve written.

Lisa Jones has taught creative writing to writers of all levels for 13 years. Her essays and articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine and Smithsonian and have been read on NPR’s All Things Considered. Her memoir, BROKEN: A Love Story is the true tale of her friendship with quadriplegic Northern Arapaho horse trainer and traditional healer. It was published by Scribner, described as “the most beautiful and important book to come out of the West in a decade” by author Alexandra Fuller, and won a gold medal from Nautilus.

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