Amazon Bestseller Campaigns and Maximizing Your Bestseller Award – Recorded Webinar


Watch April’s online meeting to discover how to have a successful Amazon bestseller campaign and maximize your bestseller award!


This is a recorded event that took place April 23, 2016.

Amazon Bestseller Campaigns and Maximizing Your Bestseller Award

Every authors wants to sell more books. One way to boost your book’s sales and prestige is to make your book an Amazon bestseller. This author training leads you step by step through the process.

Here’s the next part of the equation: After your book hits Number #1 in your Amazon category, how do you publicize it and take advantage of your new status as a best-selling author?

Listen to 2 experts take you through creating an Amazon Bestseller Campaign and then maximizing that Bestseller status!

“Amazon Best Seller Campaigns – What You Need to Know To Be Successful” presented by Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing.

Amazon is the 800 lb gorilla of book marketing beasts, and making your book a best seller can boost your sales. In this training, Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing shares her tips and tricks for optimizing your Amazon book page  and creating an Amazon Bestseller campaign.

“Maximizing Your Bestseller Award” presented by Kathy Mason of Mason Works Marketing

You did your Amazon Bestseller campaign and now your book is a bestseller! Now what?

Kathy Mason of Mason Works Marketing shares her blueprint for getting publicity for your newly minted bestseller. She also shares some tips on how to get more mileage from book awards and other recognition for your book.

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Amazon Bestseller Webinar

Runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes (File format is an MP4)