ACT NOW! Fantastic CIPA Members ONLY Opportunity: Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Assn FallCon 2022 Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st

Would you like to get your book in front of hundreds of booksellers and publishers, wholesalers, distributors, sidelines companies and publisher sales reps at what is in essence a regional Book Expo in your own backyard for just $45? And maybe also be there as an author for a scheduled book signing for $95? Thanks to your CIPA membership you can do so!

For the 9th consecutive year as a result of a partnership between CIPA ELF and MPIBA, CIPA members can register to have their book(s) showcased at the CIPA Exhibit Booth in the MPIBA FallCon Show Exhibit Hall on Thursday Afternoon, September 29th and all day Friday, September 30th. A VERY limited number of CIPA Member authors (12 to be exact) will be featured in the CIPA Exhibit Booth AUTHOR SHOWCASE with book signings for just $95! “If” you’re a 2022 CIPA EVVY Award Finalist or you’ve won a CIPA EVVY Award within the last two years (2021 or 2020) you’re given priority for the Author Showcase slots as long as you’ve not previously participated in an MPIBA FallCon CIPA Author Showcase with the same title. Without this special CIPA Member Only program, regular exhibitors’ tables at the 2022 MPIBA FallCon start at $500 + an additional $100 per scheduled author book signing.

The BOOK SHOWCASE is open to ALL CIPA members!!!

A GREAT BENEFIT of CIPA membership is the opportunity to feature your book at the CIPA Exhibit Booth for only $45 (must supply one copy of your book plus 25 one-sheets!)

The AUTHOR SHOWCASE is open to a VERY LIMITED number of members (12) who can have their books on display in the Book Showcase AND be a featured author at the CIPA Exhibit Booth during specific scheduled times for $95 which requires signing and giving-away up to 25 copies of their book to attendees at this wholesale buyers show who are the decision makers on purchasing books for retail sale in their stores!
Opportunities for active CIPA members include:


  • Members display 1 copy of their book Minimum of 25 one-sheets at the CIPA Exhibit Booth per title.


  • $45 for one book title
  • $75 for two titles
  • $100 for three titles
  • $125 for four titles

Books and One-Sheets WILL NOT BE RETURNED to members and all books will be donated to CIPA ELF’s Book Benefit Program for donation to schools, libraries, hospitals, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Book Showcase registration closes September 23rd (or until all slots are filled).


  • Includes the Book Showcase for one title and
  • 25 one-sheets
  • PLUS a one-hour, one book-signing/giveaway opportunity
  • Author’s Exhibit Hall badge for admission to the Exhibit Hall to meet and mingle with attendees and exhibitors throughout the day
  • Each participating author’s name and book title/subtitle will be referenced to CIPA’s Exhibit Booth number as part of the MPIBA FallCon Directory of daily events & scheduled signings.

ONLY those scheduled for Author Showcase signings will receive an Author Exhibit Hall badge and admission to the exhibit hall.


  • $95 for ONE TITLE ONLY. You will also need to bring 25 copies of your book for signing when you’re scheduled for your signing. However, if you cannot afford to give away books, you can provide booksellers with a brochure, flyer, or bookmark about the book instead but a signed book with a one-sheet about it and how to buy it is the best way to promote your title. 

CAUTION: DO NOT STATE THAT YOUR BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ON YOUR ONE-SHEETS BUT DO OFFER DIRECT FROM PUBLISHER DISCOUNTS & FREE DELIVERY. THIS IS A WHOLESALE SHOW AND NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.Books and One-Sheets/Marketing handouts WILL NOT BE RETURNED to members and books will be donated to CIPA ELF after the show for donation to schools, libraries, hospitals, correctional facilities and other benevolent nonprofit organizations.

PLEASE NOTE: Author Showcase registration is first-come, first-served with priority given to 2022 CIPA EVVY Award Finalists though registrations are reviewed to ensure fairness and adequate representation of genres. There are VERY few slots available (12) that sell out quickly and back-up registrations are accepted in case anyone who registers has to drop out for any reason which has happened in the past. We will schedule a virtual Zoom MPIBA FallCon Author Showcase participants orientation meeting for all who are registered to ensure participants understand book trade show protocol with tips on how best to make the most of this great opportunity.

FallCon 2022 COVID-19 Protocols:

  • In-person attendance at FallCon 2022 is limited to individuals who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. (Boosters are not required but are strongly recommended, per the CDC.) Everyone attending may upload their vaccination documentation upon registration, or when contacted via email prior to the show.
  • Although MPIBA is requiring vaccinations for attendees, others at the hotel may not be vaccinated including hotel employees; hotels cannot require their employees to be vaccinated. ● Attendees are requested to test within 24 hours before they depart home for the event so they can stay home if they test positive.
  • Masks will not be required at any time, though you are welcome to wear a mask. MPIBA will provide complimentary masks, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own. ● Frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing is strongly recommended. MPIBA will have hand sanitizer available at the event, while supplies last. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring at-home COVID tests to test themselves as needed during the event.
  • If an attendee tests positive during the event, or learns of a close contact with someone who has tested positive, MPIBA asks that they engage in CDC recommended protocols.
  • Attendees can choose a badge sticker to indicate your level of comfort with social interactions: ○ Red sticker — no hugs or handshakes, please give me space ○ Yellow sticker — elbow bumps and a just little space please ○ Green sticker — bring it in, hugs and handshakes welcome
  • Please click here to see the current Renaissance Park Central Hotel COVID response.
  • As part of our efforts to support all members and keep our communities safe, FallCon will comply with any state and locally mandated COVID protocols in force at the time of the show. Information will be provided if mandates are put in place.

IMPORTANT: Please arrange with CIPA ELF President, Peter Trimarco at [email protected] to deliver a single copy of your book and 25 one-sheets for display at the CIPA booth by U.S. Mail, UPS or FedEx to the address he provides– and let Peter know when you’ve shipped them to that address. Ship only to the address that he gives you and DO NOT ship to any other address or to the CIPA ELF physical address or to the hotel! CIPA must receive the items no later than September 28th as Exhibit Hall set-up is Sept 29th!

Again, Books and One-Sheets WILL NOT BE RETURNED to members and ALL of the MPIBA FallCon exhibiting publishers’ books will be donated to CIPA ELF after the show for donations through the CIPA ELF Book Benefit Program. Proceeds received from the CIPA Author  Showcase and Book Showcase are used to support CIPA ELF’s various education and literacy programs.

*CIPA Author Showcase slots are available for up to twelve (12) authors with priority going to CIPA EVVY Award-winners. Authors will be scheduled for the Thursday late afternoon reception 4:30-6:30, Sept 29th and Friday morning 9:30-12;00 and afternoon 2:00-4:00, Sept 30th for one-hour time slots. Please note that preference is given to CIPA members who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in an MPIBA FallCon CIPA Exhibit Booth Author Showcase.

CIPA ELF Executive Director, Mike Daniels and CIPA ELF President, Peter Trimarco will schedule a virtual Zoom Author Showcase participant orientation meeting with all Author Showcase participants to answer questions, explain how to prepare, advise on proper show conduct and suggest how to get the most from the great opportunity.

To take advantage of the MPIBA FALLCON CIPA AUTHOR SHOWCASE please register with payment right away (payment options below) to secure a time slot as the limited slots sell out quickly and please know that priority goes to 2022 CIPA EVVY AWARD FINALISTS and then prior CIPA EVVY AWARD-Winners (2021 and 2020) who have not yet had an opportunity to promote their award-winning book in an MPIBA FallCon CIPA Exhibit Author Showcase! *”IF” we still have openings by Sept 9th we will open the opportunity to any CIPA member who has not already participated in an Author Showcase. 

THEN email [email protected] the following details with subject line 2022 MPIBA FALLCON CIPA AUTHOR SHOWCASE AUTHOR INFO (NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 14th by 1:00pm):

Author’s Name:
Book Title:
Book Genre:
Author’s Email Address:


Register for the Book Showcase or the Author Showcase below.

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