Colorado Independent Publishers Association Code of Professional Ethics



Establishing and maintaining public confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability, and integrity of the profession of independent publishing is fundamental to the future success of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), its members and the profession.

To this end, the Board of Directors of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association has, as a condition of membership, adopted this Code of Professional Ethics. By doing so, CIPA gives notice that it recognizes the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are a part of the publishing profession.
Violation of any article of this Code by any member shall be adjudicated in accordance with the Bylaws, policies and procedures of CIPA. Any required disciplinary action shall be instituted by the Board of Directors and the results of such action shall be final and binding upon all parties without recourse to CIPA, its directors, officers, members or staff.

Code of Ethics:


Article 1: Conduct his/her business on the highest professional level so as to neither offend nor bring discredit to CIPA or the publishing profession.
Article 2: Avoid using materials, titles or thematic creations originated by others, either orally, graphically or otherwise, unless the use has been approved by the originator.
Article 3: Treat other members with courtesy, dignity and respect.
Article 4: Maintain and respect the personal and business confidentiality of other members.
Article 5: Not be a party to any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other member based upon economic factors, race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or country of national origin.
Article 6: Protect the public against fraud and unfair practices, and shall use his/her best efforts to eliminate any practice that may bring discredit to the profession.

Code Violation Reporting Procedure:

Any complaints regarding a violation of the Code shall be adjudicated by a three (3) person arbitration committee composed of CIPA members appointed by the president, and including at least one Board member. The committee members and CIPA shall be held harmless against any claims whatsoever arising from such arbitration. The decision of the arbitration committee shall not be binding but only given as suggestions to the involved parties.

Filing a complaint:

1. A written letter describing the facts in sufficient detail shall be submitted to the CIPA Board of Directors.
2. The Board shall review the complaint within 30 days of receipt and shall decide if the complaint is meritorious. If the Board decides that the complaint has merit, it will submit a copy of the complaint to the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee Chair will deliver a copy of the complaint to the appropriate member along with a notice to respond within 14 days. After receiving the member’s response, the arbitration committee will evaluate the complaint and response and render a preliminary decision to all parties who will then have 14 days to respond and/or object to the preliminary decision.
3. Within 14 days of receipt of the parties responses and/or objections to the preliminary decision, the full Ethics Committee shall deliver their decision to the Board of Directors who shall make a final finding and determine what sanctions, if any, to apply.
4. If the sanctions include termination of membership, the termination must be made in writing to the member and be published in Signature along with a brief summary of the facts.
5. Any party may choose to be represented by legal counsel at any phase of the procedure.
Adopted by the Board of Directors: June 25, 2011

Ethics Pledge

Membership in the Colorado Independent Publishers Association is open to dedicated individuals who are sincerely concerned with the interests of all who are affected by the actions and policies of the publishing profession.
To this end, the Board of Directors of CIPA, on behalf of the members of CIPA, hereby adopt the foregoing Code of Ethics and subscribe to the following Pledge:

I pledge to comport myself with honesty and integrity and to maintain the highest possible standards in my personal and professional dealings;

I pledge to seek and maintain an equitable, honorable and cooperative association with fellow CIPA members and with all others who may become part of my business and professional life;

I pledge to uphold the standards of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, its Bylaws and the Code of Ethics.

By becoming a member of CIPA you agree to uphold this Code of Ethics pledge.