After legalists kill Stephen, followers of The Way scatter. Susannah takes off to Caesarea and lands in a man’s arms – will romance pull her away from obeying God’s call? Torn by grief and anger, where will Joanna turn for shelter? Will she testify before powerful men? Will loyalty to Jesus cost her the loss of her son?

“A remarkable tale affirming Christian egalitarianism that will captivate, provoke, and inspire readers on an unforgettable journey through the origins of Christianity.” – Prairies Book Review

This is a gender-equality and LGBTQ+ affirming Christian fiction that shows the early church overcoming divisions and adopting all believers into the family of faith. This novel (set in Acts 2-11) continues the character development of the Silver EVVY Award Winner Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold (Book 1). Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon April 16, 2024.