Wonder About The is firmly planted in both the prehistoric and contemporary body of the American west. This collection represents Colorado stitched by threads of the water cycle, explored with an intimacy and depth that penetrates both substrata and cell walls and which pushes the interdisciplinary boundaries of poetry to shine light on interconnectedness.

Voiced here is the hydrosphere as commons, the asemic language of water with its aeonian syntax following ancient canals “arterial and flush.” Wonder About The presses light against contention — undermines, cleanses. Lament speaks as we awaken to the knowledge that “what surrounds us surrounds / us becomes us larger.” We see the precipice our children inhabit and inherit “our children— / our desperate thirsts / our raveling threads / our children.”  In brilliant defiance, Cooperman refines the dialectic: “inform the shareholders/ what we share we hold.”

These words are a plow which the rain follows.