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D. X. Varos is pleased to present the second book of the Whipped and Sipped Mystery series: Smothered. This series is cozy culinary mysteries, complete with recipes for the vegetarian and vegan dishes mentioned throughout the story.


Cheryl Carpinello’s Middle-Grade Guinevere trilogy received the Bronze medal for Best Children’s Series from Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. The series includes: Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend; Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend; and Guinevere: The Legend. PB & eBook (individual books), and the complete trilogy in eBook.


Nancy Riley, author and illustrator, published her debut picture book, CURIOSITY’S DISCOVERY, on November 10, 2020. Curiosity, the robot rover, has searched Mars for signs of life for years. When she hears an unknown signal, she zooms off to discover the source. With fun rhyme and colorful illustrations, CURIOSITY’S DISCOVERY takes the reader on a mystery adventure on Mars as the trusty rover hears an unknown signal. She discovers an older rover, Spirit, just as his batteries crash. Now, she must revive him if she has any chance of having a friend.

The story explores the themes of perseverance, resourcefulness, and friendship. Back matter includes fun facts about the planet, Mars, the NASA Mars rover program, and Morse code. Order from


Niche marketer Allan Ferguson, author of CIPA EVVY™ award-winning Route 36: Ohio to Colorado—America’s Heartland Highway, is making a gift-buying holiday pitch by email to 10,000 readers of American Road Magazine. “When I can’t be out on the highway selling books,” he said, “this is next best way to reach a big slice of my market.” Allan’s guidebook recently received positive notice from the prestigious Missouri Historical Review. His website is Allan’s books are available at


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