CIPA President Letter

CIPA President Letter

The days are growing darker but CIPA still shines.

Our Next Meeting – Saturday, October 17

I hope to see you all at our meeting this Saturday, October 17 where our featured speaker will be Denis Caron. Denis will discuss Three Secrets to Book Marketing and will focus on Amazon ads, growing our email lists, and free sources for getting word on our books.

We will also start Saturday’s meeting at 9 AM with no waiting room, and will ask if anyone has any exciting news to share. Feel free to promote your latest publishing success, but please keep your presentation to a minute or less. You will be timed.

Roundtables Return

Ready for an experiment? After Denis’ featured presentation we are hoping to have two roundtable discussions. Our first roundtable will feature Denis and CIPA’s Caitlin Berve leading a discussion that will do a deep dive into some of the topics raised in the main talk.

Our second roundtable will feature CIPA’s Veronica Yager leading a discussion on Goodreads as a tool for authors to attract attention to their books.

After the main talk, Caitlin and Denis’s discussion will take place in the main room. If you would like to participate in that discussion you need do nothing more that remain in the main room. We expect the discussion to begin around 10:20.

If you would like to join Veronica’s discussion of Goodreads, we ask you to enter your name and request to join the Goodreads breakout session in the Chatbox addressed to Everyone. Your entry need be no more than “FirstName LastName Goodreads”. Cheryl will “move” participates into the breakout soon after the main presentation ends.

Important Note: For future breakout roundtables please be sure your Zoom software is the latest version.

You can do this by entering the URL in your browser. Once you hit enter your Zoom should update to version 5.32.

Starting in November working in this latest Zoom version will allow you to join and move between roundtable breakouts on your own.

Wisdom Moments

We are incorporating a Wisdom Moment into each of our monthly CIPA meetings. This is an opportunity for our Service Provider Members to share an inspiration with the membership. Each moment should be no more than two minutes. If you are a CIPA Service Provider and would like to share a Wisdom Moment at an upcoming meeting, drop me a line at  [email protected].

2021 CIPA EVVYs™

Well, the 2020 CIPA EVVYs™ have ended and you know what that means. It’s time to start planning for the 2021’s contest.

CIPA is currently looking for a coordinator to help us make the 2021 CIPA EVVYs™ a success. This is a paid position. If interested please write me at [email protected].

Whew… we are halfway through the newsletter

If you have made it this far you could be the winner of Literary Listography: My Reading Life in Lists—a literary diary for you to complete for inspiration in your writing life. It even includes reminders for books you may want to re-read or perhaps tackle for the first time. Let me know you would like to be included in the drawing by sending an email with the title line I Want In to [email protected]. The winner will be announced at our November meeting.

2020 CIPA EVVY™ Stickers

We have a number of 2020 CIPA EVVY™ winners asking about stickers to display on their award-winning books. Some winners have been asking for some fairly substantial allotments.

So let’s review pricing guidelines for purchasing CIPA EVVY™ stickers.

First, the most economical way to go is to purchase an electronic sticker for $5. This digital sticker can be used for multiple copies of your book yet to be printed. Simply purchase the sticker at Then ask your cover designer to incorporate the sticker into your cover design. Then upload the cover to your printer to have them print your next book run with the redesigned cover.

If you already have a large number of printed books you will then need to order physical stickers at and manually affix the sticker to each copy of your book.

The pricing to purchase physical stickers is:

For allotments of 50 through 1999 stickers the per sticker price is $.30 (thirty cents).

For 2000 or more stickers, the per sticker price is $.25 (twenty-five cents)

November Meeting & No Holiday Party

We will be having our last meeting of 2020 on November 21, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We hope to see you there.

Per usual, there will be no December meeting. Meetings will resume on January 16.

Also, due to COVID-19 and, let’s face it, a general lack of interest there will be no holiday party.

Jim Ringel