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The Award-Wining Fiction keeps coming from D. X. Varos, Ltd

At the 2020 CIPA EVVY™ Awards, two of our titles took home first-place honors, one in historical fiction and the other in science fiction. Both books were the beginning of the series and we are pleased to announce the second books of both series are now available:

The Soul of a Stranger by Phillip Otts –
The Soul of a Stranger is highly recommended reading for those who want their Civil War stories firmly rooted in social change and struggle… – Midwest Book Review

Spooky Action at a Distance by Felicia Watson –
A deftly written, thoroughly entertaining and original story that is very highly recommended – Midwest Book Review.

Teresa R. Funke is proud to announce the Spanish edition of her popular children’s book, V for Victory. This translation has been requested for years by the teachers and nonprofit organizations with whom Teresa works and will allow students who are still learning English to read the same book as their English-speaking peers and to share the story with their parents. Check out V de la victoria here: