CIPA President Letter


Jim Ringel again, with some congratulations, announcements, and an apology.

CIPA EVVY™ Finalists

Congratulations to all our CIPA EVVY™ finalists!

I know you have heard it all before, but writing a book is a daunting endeavor. Hours of writing and re-writing and design and working to make the finished product as close to our dream of what a good book needs to be.

And then, we celebrate. We have posted all finalists for our 2020 CIPA EVVY™ awards at Be sure to check the website and congratulate any CIPA members or friends who have been honored with recognition.

And join us for the CIPA EVVY™ awards ceremony on September 10. In keeping with the times, the ceremony will be a virtual event. where our finalists will be honored with either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award in their category.

Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s CIPA EVVYs™, and we celebrate all the books that we received for the competition. It is a gift to write, and an act of bravery to put what we write out into the world. Your success as writers and publishers is CIPA’s success, and we thank you for making us a part of it.

It would be a mistake at this point to not acknowledge Sue Ager, our 2020 CIPA EVVY™ Coordinator. A truly brilliant job, Sue. You met every obstacle, rose to the occasion, and made a truly tough job look easy. Nice work.

An Apology

Besides congratulations, we owe all EVVY entrants an apology. We truly intended to have our finalists announced on the website on August 10, but missed that by a day not posting the information until August 11.

I don’t know how else to explain it other than we have a clunky website badly in need of retirement. As I wrote in last week’s newsletter we are currently designing our new website, which we hope to have online at the beginning of 2021.

But excuses are always inadequate, and again I apologize and thank you for your patience. We are working to avoid such delays in the future.

Summer Webinar Series Continues

If you are an illustrator, children’s book author, or publisher join CIPA board members Michael Molinet and Peter Trimarco on Saturday, August 22 for a 9AM Conversation on Children’s Book Publishing and Illustration. The event will be an hour-long discussion and Q&A about print production, product formats, marketing and distribution of children’s books. The discussion will focus on story-telling through images, prose versus rhyme & verse, Lexicon ratings, word & page count, format and production, e-book options and retail visibility.

Michael Molinet’s 30-year career includes being a published author/illustrator, an art director, and a creative director in both marketing and design. Michael is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Peter has nearly three decades in the publishing industry working in content creation, production, and distribution in both magazine and book publishing. Throughout his tenure he has also been immersed in the film industry, the music industry, and more recently in publishing books for children.

Special Offer for CIPA members: Free attendance to the APSS conference Sept 10-11

The Association of Publishers for Special Sales will be holding a virtual weekend conference on September 10 and 11. Due to CIPA’s affiliation with the association, CIPA members can attend all or selected seminars for free. APSS focuses on solutions for selling independently published books into the retail and non-retail spaces. Non-retail sales could include selling to corporations, the military, schools, service organizations, or other non-commercial enterprises.

To see the conference schedule and to register go to And then let us know your feedback on the conference. CIPA is considering having an APSS member speak at one of our future meetings.

Next Virtual CIPA membership meeting September 19 at 9AM

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter our meetings through the end of the year will be virtual. Our topic for September will be How to Grow a YouTube Channel presented by Vala Vincent.

Vala is a social media marketing business coach who helps authors and small businesses build outreach through social media. Vala is an award-winning photographer. Her specialty is teaching how to use messenger bots to grow your email list and followers. Please join us on the 19th.

And again, Thank You!

Thank you for being a part of CIPA and for sticking with us through these difficult times. Your board is working hard to offer quality programs and opportunities that will help your writing careers.

Please give us your thoughts and any suggestions you have for future programs. As the man tells Clint Eastwood in that Dirty Harry movie—We gots to know.

Jim Ringel,
CIPA President
[email protected]