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Natli VanDerWerken has published another award-winning book. Her second book in the five-book series The Dragon’s Children is one of three Science Fiction/Fantasy finalists in the Colorado Authors League 79th Writing Contest.

WindRunner continues the story of the Arach family as demons, evil fey, and dark magic assault their world. A magical WindRunner chooses Owen Arach, second son of the Duke of Red Dragon’s Keep, to find a piece of the powerful talisman that controls Dragons.

Natli served in the Navy as a meteorologist and anti-submarine warfare specialist. She used her military background to create authentic battle scenes. She was a 4H leader for twenty years, has served as an officer, historian, and webmaster for numerous non-profit organizations, and is a professional Parliamentarian. She lives in Aurora, Colorado with her show dog Shetland Sheepdogs.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble B&N//2K56UTo)

Daniel Willis – D. X. Varos Ltd congratulates our author J.M.Stephen as her new book, Nod, has been featured as the pick of the month by reviewer Diane Donovan at Midwest Book Review.

D. X. Varos, Ltd. is pleased to unveil a new imprint: House of Willis Publishing. While the Varos imprint will continue turning out exquisite speculative fiction, House of Willis will be distributing our nonfiction backlist as well as accepting new titles in the field of genealogy or books about Royal Families. We have recently revamped our website to accommodate the new imprint as well as add a few new features. Check out both our fiction and nonfiction catalogs at! And be sure to sign-up to be notified when we have new titles to offer!

Julia Wild – is excited to share that her#1 bestseller “SENSITIVE WARRIOR: 10 Ways to Respond When You’re Called Overly-Sensitive” recently became an SPR Award Finalist. If you are a sensitive or empath in need of a confidence boost and words that can help stop sensitivity-shaming, this short funny book is for you. Available at Tattered Cover, BookBar Denver, Barnes & Noble, 2nd & Charles (Broomfield location), For Heaven’s Sake and more.

For more about me and my creative workshops specifically for highly sensitive/empath children, and other local retail locations, click here:

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Michael DaneHomoAmerican – The Secret Society, has won the 2020 IndieReader Discovery Award for Best Cover Design in the Non-Fiction category. HomoAmerican is not merely the story of a gay man growing up in America, but an unflinching, disturbing and often hilarious portrait of those turbulent and confusing times before and after the Stonewall Rebellion. “HomoAmerican is an engaging memoir of an artist who has led a richly creative life. As Dane takes readers through the unsettled and formative ‘60s and ‘70s, the author’s evolving sense of identity as he creates and re-creates himself makes for intriguing reading. Throughout the book, Dane’s writing provides poetic flourishes and sharp insights. Dane has led an interesting life by any measure. Readers looking for a compelling story about a gay artist making his own path through life will enjoy this memoir.” From BlueInk Review, March 2020.

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Noel Scidmore -is a retired Harvard, Vanderbilt, Stanford trained radiation oncologist. He wrote my first book, Mortal Conspiracy, a medical thriller based upon a real-life experience with a health insurance company. His book depicts the real predatory practices that some health insurance companies engage in. His book weaves a tale of a complex conspiracy that involves a greedy health insurance company, corrupt physicians, the police, and the highest levels of government. A Vanderbilt physician-in-training in the pathology department performs an autopsy at a private hospital. Weeks later, he returns to the hospital, where he finds glaring mistakes in this particular autopsy. Little did he realize what he had stumbled onto. His very life is threatened and is forced into hiding. Luckily the FBI gets involved, and they put him into protective custody until the participants in the conspiracy are brought to justice. Get ready for fast action!

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