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Daniel Willis – D. X. Varos, Ltd is pleased to share our latest release: A Storm Before the War by Phillip Otts.

A little blurb: A brother’s job is never done!

John Harvey and Martin McCrary share a father and little else. Harvey, a freed slave, has lived life as his white brother’s keeper. When they survive a shipwreck, only to discover a foreign plot to exploit of the divide between the northern and southern states, they must learn to trust each other as true brothers to help preserve the Union—and their own lives.

This 19th-century espionage thriller takes our heroes from the port of Havana to the halls of power on two continents, the first of many exciting adventures to come.

Karen Trench – Love Loss Light Now an Award-winning Book

UPDATE!!! Love Loss Light-Illuminating the Path Through Grief received two CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishing Association) CIPA EVVY™ Book Awards in two separate categories: Self-Help and Inspirational/Motivational! And, my cover designer, the amazingly talented Michael Molinet, won a much-deserved First Place award for my book cover! I was both honored and proud to be selected from the wide array of gifted authors who participated from various countries!

For me though, truly…just seeing my book on the shelf alongside all of the finalists’ books, made my night complete before it had even begun. Such a thrill and again, such an honor.

I will be doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble at Southlands Mall, 5155 S Main St, Aurora, 80016 on Saturday, September 28th from noon-4 p.m. I would love to see you there! You can read more about Love Loss Light and purchase the book by visiting my website, or through Amazon or Nook.

Joni Franks is pleased to announce that her book, Corky Tails, Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush, Sagebrush and the Smoke Jumper has earned three American Fiction Awards!
WINNER for Best Children’s Picture Book Softcover of 2019!  Finalist for Best Children’s Picture Book Hardcover 2019.  Finalist for Juvenile Fiction 2019. Sagebrush and the Smoke Jumper has received nine literary awards in 2019!

Helen Starbuck – My book, The Burden of Hate, the third in my Annie Collins mystery series, will debut October 2, 2019. Kirkus Review gave the book a starred  review calling it “A thriller that offers a master class in suspense.” My website is and my books are available on Amazon and at The Tattered Cover. The new book will be live after October 2, 2019.

Scott Jones – Somehow, in the midst of helping host a music festival, I missed the fact that my book — And Throw Away The Skins — had won a Florida Association of Publishers and Authors silver medal. And for Adult Fiction also, not for best appendix or most compelling epigram.

Dawn Clark – Crimson Dragon Publishing is proud to announce the release of Winnie and the Mystery of the Missing Moonstones, by J.P. Coman.

How far will you go to save magic?

Winnie didn’t really want to go camping with Dad and Jerry, but when she finds a real live troll that needs her help, how can she refuse?

Winnie’s adventure is just beginning when she and Jerry encounter wild animals, mystical whirlpools, and creepy caves to help their new friends!

Young readers will enjoy following Winnie in the first book of a new fantasy series for young readers.

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I received a 2019 CIPA EVVY™ award – Second Place/Silver – for my book, Flying Upside Down: Life Lessons for the Faint of Heart, in the Humor category of all things.

My publishers, Jan and Joe McDaniel, a.k.a., BookCrafters, suggested I enter it in the Humor category.  At first, I was skeptical because the book is an action-packed memoir, and the ups and downs of overcoming fear and becoming a pilot that I described were not humorous to me at the time.   I finally agreed, assuming readers could pick up on my “life lessons” and have a laugh or two in the process.

Bottom line: when considering a category for your CIPA EVVY™ submissions, think out of the box.  Get advice.  Be objective and “self-aware” about your own work.  It could pay off; it did for me.

Thank you, Joe and Jan.

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