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Three great reviews for The Dog at the Gate: How a Throwaway Dog Becomes Special by Sunny Weber.

Kirkus Recommended Review “Movingly conveys a resonant message of empathy for mistreated and abandoned animals”

Five Star from Readers’ Favorite for Barnes & Noble Bookstores “an addictive and emotional adventure. . .I highly recommend it”

Blue Ink Reviews “Weber’s writing is clear and poignant, and includes an engaging plot with a compelling narrative.”

Sunny Weber’s newest non-fiction book launched June 16, 2016! “City Dog Walking Safety & Etiquette” is the only book that succinctly covers most scenarios any dog walker may face. Helpful hints on tools, humane treatment of dogs, and common commands are included. Also features the history of the dog/human partnership throughout the ages.

Sunny has been asked, and accepted a guest columnist position at Companion Animal Magazine in Utah. They are currently running the puppy mill series featured on her blog site. In this issue, it features a story about a puppy mill survivor Sunny rehabilitated (featured in her award-winning book, Beyond Flight or Fight: A Compassionate Guide for Working with Fearful Dogs).

Terrific review from the judges at Next Generation Indie Book Awards, where Alvars’ Spear won gold– A rock-solid chunk of classic science fiction.

The book is clearly inspired by the titans of 1960’s and 1970’s speculative authorship, yet it is completely unique and by no means derivative. Alvar’s Spear is “old school”, but with all of the positive and none of the negative connotations that term provokes, it manages to feel lived in without even being slightly dated. In fact, the book’s overarching message of unity as it conflicts with prejudice feels particularly relevant to today. Alvar’s Spear travels a familiar and well-worn path, but it does so on fresh, young legs. Get your copy here.

Barbra Streisand: On the Couch, by psychoanalyst Dr. Alma H. Bond, is a comprehensive, well-researched biography, in which the author’s psychoanalytic angle offers fresh insight into Barbra’s heart and soul. Barbra fluctuates between self-inflation and insecurity. She cracks wise, becomes angry, weeps. Dr. Dale presents Barbra in her rawest, most human aspects, with insights no one but a psychoanalyst could possibly have. If you want to know the real Barbra Streisand, you won’t want to miss reading this book. The book has received only rave reviews, and can be purchased on,, Bancroft, and all bookstores.

Tiny mermaid teaches goal setting for preschoolers in a fun, bubbly new way in Pearls for Pearl. When Pearl gets to her new home, she finds a friend and sees a treasure far out of reach. They brainstorm and figure out a bubbly new way to travel. This is a lovely book for young children! It takes them on an adventure and teaches them how exciting it can be to meet new friends and be in a new home.

“This is a wonderful book for beginning readers!” -Nancy Hart, Assistant Professor Illustration/Medical Illustration

KCAD Highly recommend this one for parents with small children, “it’s a great bedtime story!” – P.Rosa

“The art? ADORABLE! Cute! Sweet! And I just adore the colours (all soft and shiny). Yep, this is one book I would recommend, be warned it is very cute and sparkly.” -TwirlingBookPrincess

Learn more about Amber Heaton’s new book here. Published by Dawn D. Clark of Crimson Dragon Publishing. Dawn D. Clark’s mission is to ensure readers ages 3 and up find great Sci Fi and Fantasy stories. A voracious reader, she found her calling as the senior editor for Crimson Dragon Publishing, providing editing services and publishing great books for the entire family. 

Lights On! Ike Hoover Electrifies the White House by Cynthia Simmelink Becker has been named a winner in the 20th annual Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Benjamin Hummel was illustrator of the biography in picture book format. Over 2,000 entries were submitted in 68 categories. A panel of over 150 librarians and booksellers acted as judges to pick the winners.

Filter Press said, “The INDIE Award in ‘J’ non-fiction is very gratifying. Lights On! was the ‘Honorable Mention’ winner, and we are all fabulously pleased. To be one of only four winners is a tremendous honor for author Cynthia Becker and illustrator Benjamin Hummel. The awards went to publications from Time Inc, Capstone, Compendium, and Filter Press. This award demonstrates how an excellent story combined with excellent art can lift a publishing company.”

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