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Cindy Piller’s latest audiobook narration, Hurt Road, a romance with mystery, by Bruce Stewart is in production. Cindy is also excited about participating in the Audiobook Publisher’s Conference in New York City at the end of this month and also a day-long workshop with Johnny Heller, Sean Pratt, Scott Brick and other notables.

Chuck Renstrom, author of Do You See What I See?: High Altitude Evidence of the Worldwide Flood, is happy to share that as a result of the information he has received (and acted upon) from CIPA and its affiliates, his book sales have totaled nearly $2,000 dollars worth in the three weeks since it’s been out. The Tattered Cover is carrying his book and he has been receiving invitations to speak to groups and present the information in his book. Having CIPA & affiliates in his “network” has saved him many hours of research on his own,

“I will be forever grateful. You have been an important part of a successful book launch and I want to say Thanks!” – Chuck Renstrom

Last chance for regular pricing for Geocon, the Georgetown Indie Conference. Prices go up on Monday, May 21. Get your tickets here.

When a divorce is imminent, the family home can be a lightning rod for charged feelings and volatility. Its disposition during a divorce remains an agonizing challenge for couples. Their home can represent a refuge from the world and a sanctuary where precious moments of family life have played out. With US home ownership at 64% and the divorce rate hovering around 50%, this topic affects millions of families. Your Keys to Moving On is the result of veteran Realtor Joan Rogliano’s years of interviews and experiences with families facing the challenging decision of what to do with the marital home during divorce. Joan realized many of these families were making uniformed decisions with disastrous results, both financially and emotionally. Her book is dedicated to educating consumers about this often-thorny process to guide them to an outcome that is in line with the family’s goals as they move forward. Available at Amazon,  Tattered Cover and Barnes and Noble. Thank you!

Gina Meagher, award winning author, has written two books on living with chronic conditions, one where she shares her experiences and insights of living with diabetes and celiac disease and one where she helps people create a personalized approach to managing diabetes or any chronic condition. In Gina’s books, you will learn to:

  • Understand how your personality influences your management plan
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Believe in the power of attitude
  • Manage your condition to accommodate your life – not govern your life to accommodate your condition
  • Anticipate the triggers that bring you downrealize that you are not defined by your condition.

Available now on Amazon or visit Gina at

Hi. Jim Ringel here. My Buddhist detective novel, 49 Buddhas, has its Amazon Best Seller Day on May 23. 49 Buddhas is a Lama Rinzen Mystery, telling about the lama’s rebirth into the Buddhist Hell Realm on Denver’s Colfax Avenue. The Hell Realm is a realm of confusion, and Rinzen soon finds himself mysteriously assigned as a detective who must solve the gruesome killing of insurance man Sonny Heller. Rinzen does not know much about detective work, but he does believe finding Heller’s killer may lead him to enlightenment.

Foreword Clarion says “49 Buddhas is the start of a series to watch,” and BlueInk Reviews calls it “an entertaining, head-spinning murder mystery.”

I appreciate the support I have received from CIPA during my journey toward publication. I now ask for your support again, and that you visit Amazon on May 23 and pick up a copy. You’ll enjoy the read.

Sally L. Fulton invites you to a book launch party on June 3rd, 3-6:00 at 1632 Sherman Way, Longmont, Colorado. She will be reading her poetry and signing books for her newly published book: My Life So Far: Breathing Lessons
 by Sally L. Fulton This first book of published poetry, My Life So Far: Breathing Lessons, by Sally L. Fulton invites you to enter intimately into her life and shows the reader, with clear and lyrical imagery, how she finds meaning in each moment. Her life is a microcosm of the suffering and transformation that everyone faces. That transformation, for this writer, is found in nature, and in the Buddhist principal which Thich Nhat Hanh calls “interbeing”, the knowledge based on both spiritual and physical understanding that we are all a part of something greater that unifies us. Included in this artistic volume are several images of her paintings, each as rich and diverse as her poems. These paintings reflect the beauty of what the painter sees with her eyes as well as what she encounters in the unexpected nature of the spontaneous. It is through both language as well as through painting that she has come to find potent avenues toward an expression of her own truth.

There will be a book launch for Caregiving While Keeping Your Job by Karen Owen-Lee on June 7th at HighPoint Assisted Living. The book supports the 19 million or six out of ten caregivers who are holding down a job. Consider balancing a family, personal life, working and caring for a loved one, it is not easy without reading this book. Please RSVP at 720-545-9666, I look forward to meeting you.

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