CIPA Goes Live with New Membership Plan June 4th, 2018*

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) is excited to announce our new membership plan. The new plan is more comprehensive, and offers our members the best resources and opportunities at the best value.


What are the benefits of the new CIPA General Membership?

In addition to current CIPA benefits, the new membership program offers exciting new benefits to members:

  • NEW! FREE access to all CIPA’s 4-hour monthly meetings ($280 value)
    • Expert speakers on current tips and tools in independent publishing
    • Inside topic roundtables for individual interaction
    • Full networking to connect and get more resources for your books
  • NEW! Free access to library of CIPA meeting recordings ($140+ value)
  • NEW! Complimentary Copyright Clearance for Creatives ($30 value)
    • Books will be available to pick up at each CIPA meeting when you join, or upgrade to the new plan.
  • Discount for each CIPA EVVY submission
  • 20% Discount on all CIPA Store Merchandise
  • Free print subscription to Foreword Reviews Magazine ($30 annual value)
  • Showcase your book in the CIPA Signature Blog
  • Admissions and other access to special CIPA collaborations
    • Includes Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association Fall Discovery Show* Exhibit. This exciting event puts your book in front of more than 250 booksellers! (*Additional fees may apply)
  • Many other opportunities, perks, affiliations and discounts. We are constantly striving to make publishing your books easier and better.

What are the benefits to service providers?

Service Provider Membership includes all General Membership benefits plus:

  • NEW! Featured exhibit table during one monthly meeting ($150 value)
  • NEW! Featured listing on the CIPA website/Online Directory ($375 value)
  • Showcase your business at each monthly meeting (limit 1 minute/Associate Partner) ($275 value)
  • Display your marketing materials at live meetings
  • Publish educational articles in the CIPA Signature blog. This monthly newsletter links back to your site and is sent to all CIPA members. It is also shared on CIPA’s social channels to a community of over 2,200 subscribers
  • Many other opportunities to bring you more clients, sales and profits (priceless!)

How much will CIPA membership and meetings cost under the new plan?

  • Authors and General Members – With our new program, authors and general members receive all the benefits of CIPA membership for only $137/year, including FREE entry to all sessions. Under the previous membership plan, this would have been $235 for one year’s membership and sessions.
  • Service Providers – Service providers receive all the benefits of CIPA membership for only $197/year, including FREE entry to all sessions. Under the previous membership plan, this would have been $280 for one year’s membership and sessions.

When does the new membership plan go live?

We launch June 4, 2018!

What do I need to do before June 4th?

You don’t need to make any changes before June 4th. If your membership renews after June 4th, when you renew you will automatically enroll in the new program. If your membership is current, you will have the option to upgrade to the new membership after June 4th, and your fee will be pro-rated based on how many months until your next renewal.

What if I am in the middle of my annual membership when I renew?

If you are in the middle of your annual membership, we will prorate your credit. For example, if you joined in February for $75, with 4 months into your year, we will apply the 8 remaining months towards your new membership: $75/12 x 8 = $50 credit to your new membership program. The discount is applied automatically.

Is there a benefit to renewing right away?

Yes! When you sign up before September 1, 2018, you will receive one of our most popular webinars, “20 Self-Publishing BooBoos” for FREE. It’s our gift to you to celebrate the launch of our new membership.

How much will CIPA meetings cost under this new membership program?

Monthly meetings are FREE once you upgrade your membership! If you are a member, and haven’t upgraded to the new membership system yet, you will continue to pay the early bird pricing of $20, or $35 door pricing. Guests pay $40.

How do I activate my subscription to Foreword Review?

The information is available once you login to your member homepage on and scroll down.

How do I get my article into the CIPA Signature, reaching over 2,200 subscribers via email and social media channels?

CIPA Signature welcomes posts from our current members, including authors, aspiring authors, and service providers. To submit a guest post, go to

  • CIPA General Members (typically an author, or aspiring author):

A special section of the newsletter, Applause Applause!, features news about YOU, your new book, your book signing details, that book award you just received, etc. You may also provide a link to either your book’s website, or the link to where they can purchase it, i.e. book’s direct link via Amazon.

  • CIPA Associate Members (service providers):

Industry related articles should be no more than 500 words. A photograph of the author and your bio is required. Articles must be educational in nature; no sales pitches.


*Outlined benefits subject to change until official roll-out of new membership plan on June 4, 2018.