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Launching a Book? Consider a Podcast! 
As an aspiring author, Grady Birdsong is learning that Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular vehicle to get your work known. He now believes that it should be one of the first of many steps you consider when publicizing your work. He has participated in two Podcasts to date. An “indie” author can enjoy a huge advantage using the digital technologies of this medium. READ THE REST OF GRADY’S BLOG POST HERE.

Laurel McHargue has been accepted for a table at this year’s Denver Comicon, June 15-17! She’ll have all of her books available and might even be in a costume…Wish her luck!

Teresa Funke is proud to announce the fifth book in her Home-Front Heroes series of middle-grade books based on true stories from World War II. “War on a Sunday Morning” takes readers into the attack on Pearl Harbor as experienced by a timid Navy officer’s daughter who watches the bombing from her front yard and quickly realizes that everyone must be daring in times of war. You can learn more here.

In the new publishing environment, how confident are you about including characters of different races, gender orientations, ethnicities, and religions? If writing diverse characters seems a bit intimidating to you, check out writer’s coach Teresa Funke’s new webinar “How to Write Respectfully Outside Your Experience.” Teresa is the author of seven award-winning and multicultural novels and she will share her best tips to help you avoid writing stereotypical or offensive characters or storylines. The webinar includes PDF resources to help you further. For a limited time, receive the webinar for 30% off here.

The Mad Hatter’s Son is a tale of love, friendship, and betrayal. Annie Collins, a nurse used to caring for others in the OR, is drawn unwillingly into the chaos that is her long-time friend Libby Crowder’s life. With puzzling symptoms and Libby’s plea for help, Annie can’t help but wonder: Is Libby really ill or is there more to the story than what she is saying? Faced with Libby’s apparent suicide, Annie is beside herself with guilt and unable to stop asking questions to uncover the truth. The answers to these questions don’t come without a price. Faced with a friend’s life that has derailed and pursuing the mystery of Libby’s illness threatens to derail Annie’s life as well. The paperback and ebook are currently available on Amazon. The audio book will be available in late May 2018.

Just about everyone knows someone who has cancer and it is shocking and scary. Jane Derrick’s recently published memoir, See Jane Beat Cancer: A guide for the Newly Diagnosed is a personal breast cancer journey in which she guides the reader through not only her diagnosis and treatment, but all she has done to adapt to her New Normal, including changing her diet and lifestyle.

“…a very uplifting book. She uses beautiful subjects such as birds, flowers, music, faith and especially devoted and loving family and friends to make her way through these difficult and frightening times.” M.H.T.

“Her insight will help other patients (and their family and friends) face their own diagnoses and treatment in a positive way.” R.V.

“It will make a wonderful gift for a friend going through the same thing.” M.J.E. “great for anyone dealing with any type of life changing medical challenges.” K.G

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