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Cassy Huidobro, author of, Is anyone else feeling the same way, is happy to announce that her book is now at four brick and mortar stores, including Tattered Cover in LoDo, BookBar on Tennyson, Boulder Bookstore in Boulder and at the Works of Heart store at the Mile Hi Church! It’s also on Amazon as a paperback and as a Kindle version. Her book falls under the genre of Spirituality, and it answers questions such as: Is there really one absolute religion? Do we have a path set up before we come to Earth? Should we always follow our intuition? If so, why have free will? In this book, you’ll find solidarity in the search for finding answers, if you’ve ever felt the same way.

J. Reese Lasley is launching his book, The Abilities – Realize the Power Within You, on March 10th, 2018 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM MST at Bookbar Denver. He will be doing a book signing and giving a speech. Please RSVP here and meet the author!

“It looks a lot like a textbook,” my wife Jan said while thumbing through this book. “Maybe,” I told her, “but it’s filled with information that touches your heart.” The book pays tribute to a treatment program run by the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute in Louisville, Colorado… Fischer and Birdsong, Marine Corps Vietnam War veterans, bring the text alive by describing the people who run the program and those who have benefited… As treatment for combat injuries, HBOT is a new form of medicine. I knew nothing about it prior to reviewing the book. As I said earlier, the book touches a reader’s heart. It is written by and about people who possess faith and perseverance in their cause. The authors walk the reader through HBOT from start to finish and explain every step along the way. I doubt that you can find a better source to begin your education in this area. ~ Henry Zeybel [Excerpt from “The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road by Bob Fischer and Grady Birdsong” reivew post at The Vietnam Veterans of America magazine Books in Review II]

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