The Importance of Keyword Phrases in Ranking Your E-Book

By Mark Graham of Mark Graham Communications

Almost 90% of authors are choosing to self-publish these days. And since Amazon, and all other book sellers, use search engines to find and list their books, you have to find a way for your book or your sales page to best the competition. It’s all about getting a better ranking and giving your sales a kick in the pants.

Most important in beginning this process is choosing the keywords and keyword phrases that speak to your book and effectively describe it. Amazon, for instance, provides you with options, and your need to know these options and choose wisely. In the case of Amazon, always begin with the Kindle Keyword selection. These are the seven keyword phrases you’ll need to input when you publish your book.  Do your research. Choose wisely.

At Graham Publishing Group, we also recommend that you choose wisely when titling your book. If it is at all possible to include a keyword or keyword phrase in your title, someone searching that keyword is very likely to come upon your book. No, we are not suggesting you change the title just to accommodate this, but keep it in mind, especially if you’ve written a business book, self-help book, or educational book.

If you can’t fit a keyword or keyword phrase into the title, then you may very well be able to in the subtitle.  If so, you are not only telling your reader what the book is about, but you are telling the search engines as well.  Just don’t overdo it.

Remember also that Amazon has what is called its Kindle book description. This description allows for 4,000 characters, and you fill it out when you’re ready to publish. You can say a lot in 4,000 characters about your book while also working in your targeted keywords naturally.  Use it wisely and creatively.

One last thought.  At Graham Publishing Group, we advise our clients to visit their Amazon Sales Page regularly. If your book sales are slow or stagnant, don’t be afraid to tinker with your keywords and keyword phrases.  Don’t be afraid to change up the category headings where your book is being listed. Stay active.

About Mark Graham

Mark Graham, Mark Graham Communications, is a critically acclaimed author who has been writing and editing professionally since 1988. He has written and published five critically acclaimed novels. His credits included collaborations on such notable publications as the educational expose Scars of Love (At-Risk Educational Services, 2008), the acclaimed business book Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress (It’s All Good Publishing, 2007), and the World War II biography Spearhead: Advance and Defend (Amur Books, 2006).  He is the owner and operator of Mark Graham Communications and Graham Publishing Group.


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