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The Mad Hatter’s Son, An Annie Collins Mystery is about how friendships change, love betrays, and the consequences of our actions are never what we imagine they will be. Annie Collins an OR nurse finds this out firsthand as she cares for an old friend and then must discover the cause of her friend’s illness and suicide. Written by Helen Starbuck. Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback here.

BirdQuill LLC, announces the release of, To The Sound Of The Guns: 1st Bn, 27th Marines from Hawaii to Vietnam 1966-1968. This is the little-known history of a 5th Marine Division Battalion of Iwo Jima WWII fame—and their seven-month odyssey of sacrifice, camaraderie, and bravery in Vietnam.

Grady Birdsong’s book is a combination of well-researched operational history and a moving account of combat experiences in Vietnam. It is both history and story. The places, the events, and most especially, the Marines and Sailors of whom the author writes, become vividly real, transporting the reader to that distant place and time. A highly-recommended addition to the record of the U. S. Marines in Vietnam.” 

Colonel Len Blasiol, USMC (Ret)
Coauthor, U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Defining Year 1968
Published by the History and Museums Division
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.

Carol Fortino has published her third poetry book, “Somewhere Between”. The poems hold emotions that run the gamut of relationships- beginnings, their midpoints and their resolutions. Some lines are loving, mystifying, sad, uncontrollable and even a bit sarcastic or funny. Reviewer Gary Morgan writes, “Carol’s poetry flows onto paper and into your senses with clarity, skill and nuanced rhythm that few poets master. However, it is her bravery to explore what is innermost within us all, that brings one to read and reread and remember her poems.”

Waterwight Flux: Book II of the Waterwight Series is now available in paperback and ebook! Celeste thought she had cured the chaos on her planet following The Event, but two ancient gods–Odin and Kumugwe–keep her from returning to her people. Charged with another mission by a mysterious messenger, Celeste continues her quest for home…and answers. Waterwight Flux is the second book in a three-book series.

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