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Dr. Ruth Anderson, award-winning author of One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic is a contributing author of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s latest compilation of heart-warming stories. The Miracles & More edition featuring Anderson’s “Friends Forever” will be available February 6, 2018.

Looking for an easy holiday gift? Waterwight Flux: Book II of the Waterwight Series is available for pre-order now on Kindle (finally!) for a Christmas day release! Also, Waterwight: Book I will be free on Kindle from December 21-25! Merry Christmas!

CIPA member author Craig Kaley has released his first book in a new book series, Money Athletics: Your Game Plan to a Financially Fit Tween.  The Moneyletics MAP Series is being developed as a progression of books and corresponding programs that offer a game plan to teach children real life money skills as they grow through the stages of childhood into adulthood.

The Moneyletics MAP Series includes the following:
Money Amateurs Program – young children 5 to 10 (forthcoming release)
Money Athletics Program – tweens 11 – 14 (just released!)
Money All-Stars Program – teens 15– 18 (forthcoming release)
Money All-Stars Plus – young adults 18+ (forthcoming release)

This approach allows parents to implement an age appropriate program for their son or daughter. Each book and program in the series builds upon the previous; however, regardless of when your son or daughter begins they will benefit.

CIPA award-winning author, Gina Meagher releases her second book, The Nitty-Gritty of Managing Diabetes: Personalizing Your Approach through Determination, Perseverance & Balance. Gina takes you on her journey to create a personalized approach to managing type 1 diabetes. It is more about options than rules. People living with diabetes or any chronic condition are often surprised at just how many options they have.

Realizing that you are not your condition is one of the many tips Gina offers in the book. She also discusses how your personality influences your management plan, the power of attitude, how to advocate for yourself and how to anticipate the triggers that bring you down. However, Gina believes her most important advice is on how to manage your condition to accommodate your life – and not to govern your life to accommodate your condition.

Available now on Amazon.

Rooster is a humorous story, suitable for 8-12 year olds, covering one year in the lives of two twelve year old boys who live in rural foothills. The boys battle two antagonists: a fierce old boar hog and a weird old recluse of the woods. The story is a mixture of real life adventures and fantastic constructs of one boy’s fertile imagination. The conflicts with the hog and the old man are resolved in ways that teach the boys strong lessons about life.

The book was a 3rd place award EVVY winner. Five of the chapters were published in Cricket magazine. Several chapters are available as print or audio at The book is available at the Hermitage Book Store, 290 Fillmore Street, Denver, Colorado, or directly from the printer: Search by the title or by the author, Robert D. Culp.

The Imagine Project: Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress officially launched on November 1st! It is a How-to book for parents, teachers, counselors, and youth leaders to help kids overcome challenging life circumstances. The book includes a simple, yet powerful 7-step expressive writing tool for kids K-12, as well as chapters full of other simple, inexpensive, and important tools to support the emotional wellness of all kids. For more information on The Imagine Project, click here.

HILL’S GOLD, a historical fiction set in Colorado during the 1860s, was published December 8. The Colorado gold rush was over. Mining was in a shambles. The Civil War still raged and Indian uprisings on the Great Plains made travel dangerous. Nevertheless, Nathaniel P. Hill was captivated by the rough frontier and tempted by William Gilpin’s invitation to investigate his land for gold and silver. Against his better judgment, Hill left his family and job as a chemistry professor at Brown University to work for the Colorado Territory’s former governor. The result was nothing short of a revolutionary boost to the fledgling Colorado mining industry and the rerouting of his and his family’s fortunes.

We all know Barbra, the star, but how well do we know Barbra, the woman? In the latest installment of my On the Couch series, Dr. Darcy Dale, a renowned, pioneering Manhattan psychiatrist, is confronted by Barbra, who is dismayed after thirty years of minimally successful therapy. Over the course of a year, Dr. Dale conducts an intimate psychoanalysis, breaking through Barbra’s defense mechanisms to delve deep into the heart of America’s greatest superstar. Barbra Streisand: On the Couch is a sensitive, objective, pitch-perfect opportunity to look behind the voice and image, and to understand Barbra Streisand, the human being.

Laurel is pleased to announce the publication of a new genre this year: The 2018 Calendar Girls of Leadville calendar! I created this project with other wonderful volunteers as a fundraiser for Leadville’s Tabor Opera House (in dire need of restoration). Here’s a short video from Vail Today highlighting our town and the calendar! Contact me for out-of-town ordering info.

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