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“Voice Mama” Sandra Murphy has narrated McHargue’s award-winning YA novel Waterwight! Check out the details on PRWeb: “I’m thrilled with the results and can’t wait to have her narrate my next book,” said McHargue. McHargue’s publishing imprint, formerly Alpha Peak LLC, is now STRACK PRESS LLC.

Delighted and so thankful that an awards program as prestigious as the CIPA EVVY Awards of 2016 attributed to “Into Crosswinds”, a WWII novel, a second prize, historical fiction category. It is my first novel and written, not in my maternal language (French) but in English. Page count: 416. Pen name: Monique de Jong.

At the onset of WWII an Alsatian family is divided between loyalty to France or to Germany. A young French couple is forced to abandon a bourgeois life and take refuge in Southern France where they nonetheless face a German occupation. The husband joins the Resistance.

The wife’s cousin is German, married to an American employed at IBM-Berlin, and instrumental in the Final Solution. Dispatched to Southern France to flush out members of the Resistance, he raids his cousin’s village. Will their paths cross?

A suspense-driven story available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at

Charles Freedom Long’s Alvar’s Spear asks the questions, “What if planets were the bodies of sentient beings?” and “What if planets had emotions and desires like us?” This high-octane sci-fi fantasy takes the reader to a metaphysical and visionary place where sentient races are at odds, where the ultimate fate awaits entire worlds unless one person, Gar, a hybrid, can find a way to save his world before it is too late.

To become the planetary savior, Alvar’s Spear, Gar must confront enemies, assassins, a traitor and a beautiful, brilliant Terran geneticist. He must travel into the mysterious Forbidden Mountains of the Vild, from which no one has returned. If successful, he will save Alvar.

But the danger of creating a savior is that he will be his own person. He will do what he will, and what he does may not be to everyone’s liking.

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Thanks to Patricia Ross and Veronica Yager for putting together a super-duper website for me: It will be a “5-star” site as soon as I figure out how to use it. 🙂

The purpose of the site is to let people know about my book, Marines Never Cry, of course, and to feature blogs and stories of unsung heroes like some of the people in my book. Check it out. Join in and tell us about a hero in your life that deserves some recognition.