CIPA Member News

Sandra Windsor’s memoir, The FBI Wife, has been selected the winner of the 2017 Colorado Authors League creative non-fiction award. She will be signing books at Barnes and Noble June 3 in Grand Junction.

Coming in May – A New Novel in the Award Winning Seven Worlds Series – Alvar’s Spear. Half-Terran, half-Antal, Gar has just one desperate chance to save the Antal hive from immolation at the hands of its own mother, the sentient moon-world, Alvar, before a mutant conspiracy turns Alvar into a fetid swamp, and enslaves them. To become the planetary savior, Alvar’s Spear, Gar must confront enemies, assassins, a traitor, and a brilliant Terran geneticist, venture into the Forbidden Mountains of the vild, from which no one has returned. If successful, he will save Alvar. But the danger of creating a savior is that he will be his own person. He will do what he will, and whether his acts are judged good or bad will only be known as time unrolls. Time is not on gar’s side. But time does unroll. What it reveals may not be to everyone’s liking.

Marines Never Cry: Becoming a Man When it Mattered just came out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites! It is a historical fiction by CIPA member, Tim Hall, former Marine Vietnam veteran. The story provides a glimpse of what it was like to be a rank-and-file Marine in that place and time through the protagonist, Zeke Hammond. Zeke drove a 26-wheel truck/trailer through the badlands of Vietnam where danger lurked around every corner, but that was only part of his adventures. His connection with Vietnamese kids, refugees, women of the night, and assorted bad guys will have you laughing and crying. While Zeke was in Vietnam, he lost key family members, his fiancé was killed, and a gang of vandals ravaged the family farm. Yet he muddled through. Check it out. You’ll laugh, cry, get mad, and experience a panoply of emotions. But you’ll learn something.

Author and writer’s coach Teresa Funke is thrilled to announce the launch of her new “Self-Publishing Blueprint,” the only tool you’ll ever need to help you cut through the confusion of self-publishing and save you from costly mistakes. This is a step-by-step online tool complete with videos, PDFs, and worksheets to help you identify your self-publishing profile and goals for your book, and then lead you toward the ideal publishing route for your project. You’ll learn how to produce your best book, publish it, price it, and promote it. “The Self-Publishing Blueprint” is based on Teresa’s 15 years of experience as a successful self-published author and self-publishing coach, and created in conjunction with her partners at Writing Blueprints. CIPA members and their friends can get the Blueprint for $50 off the already low price by clicking on this link:

Want to be on the radio? Let CIPA member, Jerry Fabyanic, know if you’d like to come on to his show, the Rabbit Hole, on KYGT-FM in Idaho Springs to talk about yourself and your work! The show airs alternate Saturdays and is streamed. So, you can and will be heard across the planet. Shows are also recorded and posted on Jerry’s site,, to which you can link your site.