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tmwosbraHealing That’s Ahead of the Times Thousands of veterans suffer daily in silence and confusion, oftentimes alone. Many contemplate suicide. The invisible injuries of our current wars have become the “signature wounds” of this generation of combat veterans—leaving these young men and women feeling hopeless, broken and destroyed.

The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road tells a dramatic story, beginning with a detailed account of how two severely disabled young stroke victims healed themselves using an element that only nature can provide: oxygen. It also tells the story of how these same two men began to help others and, in the process, learned how to render this important treatment therapy to veterans returning home from the Middle East with traumatic brain injuries and related post-traumatic stress. The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road: Healing the Signature Wounds of War, by Grady Birdsong & Bob Fischer. FINALIST – BESTBOOKAWARDS.COM.

feast_audible_social_mediaFeast of the Raven is rocking it as an audiobook on Amazon, thanks to Richard Rieman of Audiobook Revolution Productions. Richard conjures magic as the voice of Gerwulf, a Wulfhedinn “wolf warrior” in eighth century Germany. Gerwulf battles to conquer his inner demons and reclaim his humanity in a brutal war-torn time. The story is set during Charlemagne’s savage campaigns against the pagan Saxons and is steeped in historical research and Germanic mythology. Hear the characters and the story come alive in a free sample at

jerrybook3d1_jpg1Authors! Do you want to be on-air? Talk about yourself as a writer and your works on the radio! Contact Jerry Fabyanic at [email protected] if you’d like to be a guest on the Writer’s Talk feature of his radio show The Rabbit Hole on KYGT in Idaho Springs. The show is recorded for rebroadcast and then posted to Jerry’s website. You can listen to previous shows with your fellow Colorado authors on his website,

Also, Jerry is excited to announce that his book, Sisyphus Wins, is now available in eBook, thanks to Veronica Yager – YellowStudios, and audiobook, thanks to Richard Rieman – Audiobook Revolution Productions, on Amazon. Thanks Veronica and Richard!


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