7 Resolutions for a Rockin’ Online Presence in 2017

By Zoe DeVito, LetsGrow.Solutions

Do you create blog posts with interesting, industry-related information? Are you sharing branded content and engaging with others on social media? Does your website have a presence and stand out from competitors?

In this modern age it is essential to mindfully manage your online presence. An online presence is the existence of an individual or business in a search engine like Google. Audiences expand when a brand appears across channels. Fundamentally, it is possible to enhance networking opportunities and connect to target audiences by building brand awareness online.

Websites lacking presence get lost in the mix, kind of like our friend Waldo here…


Don’t be invisible like Waldo. Consider these seven resolutions for a better online presence in 2017. Simple tricks of the SEO trade will be revealed surrounding social media, blogging, Google Search, and easy search engine optimization.

1. Sink Into Social Media

Specifically, join and interact with local, industry-related groups on Facebook and Google Plus. Target audiences with relevant #Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Not sure which hashtags to use? Author Media has an excellent article for authors, writers and publishers on “44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know About.” To find hashtags related to your industry, try searching on Google for “your industry” and “hashtags.”

socialmedia22. Embrace Social Share

Have you ever liked or shared someone else’s post? Give others the opportunity to share your posts with their audiences on social media. Simply put, when others see your brand being shared, your online awareness is boosted. The Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin for WordPress and AddThis customizable share buttons are attractive, SEO friendly social share features that can be added to your website for free.

3. Share Photos

Snapshots of events and other exciting business-related happenings make for highly engaging content (and explains why image-based social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are so popular). Is your company planning a holiday party? DSLR or smartphone, almost any device can capture a personal glimpse into life behind the scenes. Adding a touch of human connection to social posts often results in more clicks and engagements. Beyond social media, images make blog posts come alive!

4. Start Blogging (Yes, Really)

It seems like most people dread blogging nowadays, blaming time as a roadblock to creating content. Despite this, blogging is the furthest thing from abhorrent. Actually, blog content tends to drive the most traffic to websites. Consider your blog as a tool to establish your brand as an industry expert. Transform your blog into a useful resource that visitors can return to time and time again. Leverage your website’s blog as proof that your brand is knowledgeable and can be trusted.

5. Start Guest Blogging

When you author a guest post for another website’s blog two great things happen.

  1. You and your brand to a new audience, and
  2. readers have an opportunity to click through to your website.

Consequently, guest blogging can super-charge your online presence! Do you have a friend in a related industry? Are you a fan of a relevant blogger? Muster up the gumption to reach out and ask if to sponsor a post for their blog. Be sure to invite them to post to your blog as well so they may reap the SEO benefits!

6. Make A Google My Business Account

A Google My Business account is a free business listing in Google Search…

…Oops! We’ve reached our word limit for the CIPA Signature blog. Finish reading this article on the LetsGrow.Solutions blog.

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