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This Saturday, November 19, 2016 – From Dollars to Sense: How to Deliver the Value of Your Book! You’ve done everything right—you worked with a great editor, found a fantastic graphic designer, researched your market and developed a promotional plan, and now your beautiful book is…not selling.

Join us this Saturday as we talk with Gary Barnes, Amazon best-selling author and international speaker, about the way we communicate the value of our book so our audience knows it, too. Gary will tell us:

  • How his book went from mediocre sales to international fame just by changing the title
  • What you should include on your back cover
  • How to talk about your book in terms of what your audience wants and needs

Close the gap between what your book could do, and what it does. Deliver the value of your book.

CIPA Members register here by Friday at 6pm to save $15

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