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the_balance_cover_for_kindleAllynn Riggs Publishes Second Book in Triology Series  The Balance: The Stones Blade, Book Two by Allynn Riggs is now available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. This sci-fi fantasy adventure begun in The Blood finds Ani and Kela returning to Teramar to find The Balance, the one person destined to save the life of one of the guardian Stones of Lrakira. Ani and friends sift through twenty-five years of secrets and lies to discover The Balance’s identity. The search is interrupted when Taryn’s life is threatened. Must Ani choose between saving her best friend or saving the life of an alien?

In her review of The Balance, Karen Douglass, author of Accidental Child says “Riggs delivers complex characters and high stakes. Her imaginative world building reminds me of Ursula LeGuin.”

Join the people of Lrakira and Teramar as they discover their past and their future.

At the dawn of Camelot, one young girl is about to take her place beside the greatest king in England’s history…

Cheryl Carpinello is pleased to announce the debut of Tales & Legends for Reluctant Readers. Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom and Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend are the first books to come under the new branding. Bublish, Inc. has acquired the distribution rights of all of Carpinello’s books branded for Reluctant Readers. Besides the Arthurian Legends and the subsequent books in those series, her two Egyptian Tales—Sons of the Sphinx and Tutankhamen Speaks—and her upcoming adventure series Feathers of the Phoenix will also be distributed by Bublish.

Tutankhamen Speaks, Cheryl Carpinello’s short historical eBook set in 1330 BC Egypt, was awarded the 2016 Gold Medal for Fiction-Literature Ancient World by Global Ebook Awards. Awards were announced August 13, 2016.

Picture1Healing That’s Ahead of the Times! By Bob Fischer & Grady Birdsong  Thousands of veterans suffer daily in silence and confusion, oftentimes alone. Many contemplate suicide. The invisible injuries of our current wars have become the “signature wounds” of this generation of combat veterans-leaving these young men and women feeling hopeless, broken and destroyed.

The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road tells a dramatic story, beginning with a detailed account of how two severely disabled young stroke victims healed themselves using an element that only nature can provide: oxygen. It also tells the story of how these same two men began to help others and, in the process, learned how to render this important treatment therapy to veterans…

Shocking, awe-inspiring, and impossible to ignore, the book proves that integrating hyperbaric oxygen treatment and counseling techniques promotes healing of these devastating maladies.

The “Miracle Workers” are healing lives with one of the most successful integrated programs in America. This is their story.

richard_riemancasualsmRichard Rieman Shares His News  “It has been an incredible month in the independently published audiobook world. I won 3 CIPA EVVY Awards™, including 1st and 2nd Place in Audiobooks and 2nd in ‘How To’ for my book The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation. My book also won the Gold Medal in the Global Ebook Awards in Writing/Publishing. I have a new recording studio partner, Denver’s Postmodern Company studios for recording authors narrating their audiobooks. I also launched my new audiobook production company and website at, with 12 narrators, 4 audio editors, and 2 audiobook consultants.” – Richard Rieman

SelfPublishingSecretsSelf-Publishing: Sharing the Secrets by Phyllis Moorman  This book provides an in-depth review of self-publishing from start to finish for both print and eBook.

All areas of self-publishing are addressed, from selecting a title to choosing a printer to choosing keywords for search engines. Step-by-step instructions guide an author through formatting both the inside and the cover of the book. Social networking, marketing, and creating an author platform are demystified. Pros and cons of self-publishing are outlined along with associated costs and potential royalties. Checklists are provided for submitting a book for Copyright, ISBN, and to various publishers.

Available at Amazon and Raven Books.

Phyllis Moorman has lived and worked in Colorado most of her life. She is an author and publisher, having worked in self-publishing for over 20 years. Her publishing experience extends from textbooks to research; from novels to poetry. She is co-owner of Raven Books, a publishing and retail outlet for books.