Julie Cameron Book AwardJulie Cameron is thrilled to share news of receiving a book award!

It is a thrill to share with you my news that my novel, Christmas Spirit is the WINNER of the 2016 CRW Excellence Award in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Contest! What an honor to have even been in the same category with so many other amazing authors.

Weston Steinberg launches first book.

Weston SteinbergWeston Steinberg will be launching his first children’s book called The Spinner’s Symphony on June 18thThe Spinners’ Symphony is about the Grunge Grove residents, Mr. and Mrs. Spinner who take a risk to start a new life for them and their baby in the new town of Rosinwood.  However, transitioning to the new area isn’t as easy as they had planned.  The book will be available to purchase on Amazon or stonemountainpublishing.com.

After three years in the works, Cheryl Carpinello publishes new book.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00050]Grandma’s Tales features two delightful stories you will enjoy reading out loud with your toddler, your preschooler, your beginning reader. “Wild Creatures in My Neighborhood” and “What If I Went to the Circus” are crafted with repeating phrases that will allow children to feel as if they are actually reading the story! “Wild Creatures in My Neighborhood” explores the wildlife all around us, even in our own backyards. “What If I Went to the Circus” shares the decision-making process with the youngest listener as a small boy decides who or what will be a good playmate.

New book by Kathryn R. Burke helps caregivers navigate their journey.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.40.03 AMThe Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path by Kathryn R. Burke. This book is a show and tell plan to help you travel the road. Graphically illustrated and fun to read, yet full of facts, Caregiver’s Journey guides you through the stages from Denial to Acceptance, then explains what to do and how to do it, once you take on the role of Caregiver. The journey is a tough one, but you’re not alone; the author and fellow-travelers share their own experiences to give you some guideposts along the way.

192 pages, Color cover. Illustrated, Footnoted. Includes Resources & References, Reading List, Inspirational Quotes, and Annotated Index. Visit the website to learn more, purchase book, and access Kathryn’s current schedule of speaking engagements and book signings. https://caregiver-journey.com/ To contact Kathryn to speak or sign books, call her at 970-729-1188.

Diane M. Bassett publishes gripping true story about saving their daughter from sex trafficking.

image.jpeg (1)

17 Hours: Tracking Down Our Runaway by Diane M. Bassett. No family is immune to the dangers of sex trafficking, as our family discovered on May 25, 2015 when our daughter Samantha jumped from her second-story window and disappeared into the dark. As we scrambled to find what had led to her jumping, who was involved, where she was, and what we needed to do to get her back; we discovered a dark world operating in local parks, drawing girls in and putting them in a no-win position until jumping out a window seems the best bet for survival. Join us on our journey to save Sam in just 17 hours.  Includes resources for those searching for a runaway child, as well as a Quick Tip Guide in the back. Visit www.outskirtspress.com/17hours  and
www.facebook.com/17hoursbook for more information!