ThePowerofCourage-Ebook1262x2000The Power of Courage, Charol Messenger’s new book, is a USA Best Books 2015 Award-Winning Finalist, one of six nationally in the Women’s Issues category. This dramatic memoir reads like a novel. A riveting true story, Courage is an uplifting saga of moving beyond abuse, in which a spirituality woman relentlessly defies a manipulative and menacing alcoholic narcissist (400 pp, narrative nonfiction). “Harrowing cautionary tale… Inspiring,” wrote Kirkus Reviews. Charol’s two other books also won Finalist in the 2015 contest: Intuition for Every Day, The Soul Path. All titles are available at (print and Kindle) and Full details at Charol’s 22-year editing service Pro Book Editor (aka The Writing Doctor) is now at (