waterwight_eyesUpcoming Book Signing – And Goodreads Book Giveaway Waterwight, Book I of the Waterwight Series, is available now on Amazon, paperback and Kindle, here.

Meet Laurel at the Colorado Mountain College Leadville Library from noon-1 on April 22nd or from 4-6 pm at the Book Haven in Salida on May 3rd. Sign up for a chance to win a free autographed copy on Goodreads through March 31st. Watch for her upcoming interview with Stacy McKenzie on Stacy’s “Off the Page” program.

Waterwight is a YA fantasy adventure suitably for readers age 10-110. Follow Celeste and her growing band of magical, mystical allies as she searches for answers to the disappearance of her parents while avoiding the shapeshifter who’s bent on killing her. When she is challenged to save the planet from a growing, stinking ooze, see if you can figure out if, when, and where she might find “the key.” And remember: there’s something in the water!

white_butterfly_and_her_wings_of_many_colorsGold Medal Winning Book Selling Beautifully with High Praises  White Butterfly and Her Wings of Many Colors, written and illustrated by Susan Andra Lion, a literary project managed and marketed by Satiama Writers Resource, has only been on the market for 47 days and has already garnered nearly a thousand orders.

Literary Classics Book Reviews recently described White Butterfly as “a charming and lovingly crafted message of self-acceptance and humility for youngsters. Wonderfully illustrated, with words that are beautifully penned, this visually stunning book provides pearls of wisdom for young readers that are lovingly nestled within the folds of a delightful story. This is a book which children are sure to enjoy reading again and again for a lifetime.” White Butterfly has received the Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence Gold Medal. “The journey of White Butterfly tells of her epic and heroic flight and also her inner journey to find her way home to self-acceptance,” noted Boulder-based Lion.

chasing_perfectionDo you chase perfection in your writing? Author and Writer’s Coach Teresa Funke has posted a new video blog on her YouTube channel. If you have ever been guilty of “chasing perfection” in your writing, you’ll relate to this short video, which will provide tips for how to strive for your best work without going overboard. You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTM3FsSXxBo. To read or print the actual blog post, visit https://www.teresafunke.com/blog/chasing-perfection/.

karen_morrisseyResource for Authors Needing Reviews While working on my book review strategy for a forthcoming suspense thriller, Bitter Vintage by M.L. Grider, I found a great resource for authors and publishers seeking reviews. The blog publishedtodeath.blogspot.com has lists of reviewers, from the big boys like The New York Times to bloggers who accept self-published titles and will post to Amazon.

Many of the lists have relatively current information and detail the genres and formats (print or ebook) accepted by the reviewers as well as their contact info. I encourage people to check these lists out and get back to me at kamorrissey@thursdaynightpress.com with their results so that I can write a followup.