logoDENVER, CO—In a landmark partnership, Booklist magazine will begin running a selection of BlueInk’s reviews of self-published titles in its October 1 issue. The venture marks the first time in its 110-year history that Booklist has included self-published titles on a routine basis.

“Our partnership with the experts at BlueInk Review offers us the perfect opportunity to bring a selection of the best self-published books to librarians across the country,” said Bill Ott, editor and publisher of Booklist.

Booklist reaches more than 60,000 librarians nationwide, a devoted readership that uses the magazine to make acquisition decisions. BlueInk Review is a pre-eminent book review service devoted exclusively to independently published titles. The company vets an average of 1,000 titles a year.

“We are excited to be included in this respected magazine’s offerings and will be highlighting those self-published titles that we feel are noteworthy,” said Patti Thorn, BlueInk Review managing partner. “With this initiative, librarians finally have an inroad to an important part of the publishing world that is vast and, until now, extremely difficult for them to vet.”

Booklist will include reviews of self-published titles recommended by BlueInk on a regular basis.

The partnership is an indication of the growing importance of self-published titles in the publishing marketplace. Last year, more than 400,000 titles were published independently, and the number continues to grow.

Contact: Patti Thorn, [email protected]; Patricia Moosbrugger, [email protected]