QUantumMason Works, LLC  and David Hoffmeister of Living Miracles Center, announce the book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesushas hit number 1 on the International Amazon Best Seller list in multiple categories including Religion & Spirituality, and Nonfiction: Politics & Social Sciences in September 2015.

David Hoffmeister invites us to see that whatever our perceived problem, there is only one ideal solution: Quantum Forgiveness. We may not realize it but most of the distress in our life is caused by hypotheticals. Either there is an illusion of a mistaken choice in the past or a fantasy of personal control in the future. Both past and future scenarios are based on equally unreal thoughts; “what is” cannot be different.

Mason Works has created the go-to-market strategy for David Hoffmeister and conducted his Amazon successful best seller campaign for him. To learn more about how your book may qualify to be an Amazon Best Seller, contact Kathy Mason at [email protected].