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Instructions on how to download your digital award can be found here

Were you a finalist, or an award-winning CIPA EVVY™ author this year? (If you don’t know, find out here.) Purchase sticker rolls (for Merit, Bronze, Silver & Gold) for your inventory of printed books. We only have a limited number of sticker rolls left. Some stickers are sold out. Our digital stickers (for Finalists, Merit, Bronze & Gold) are now available for you to download. Use them for your digital or eBook cover, flyers, website, or any other promotional material!

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Do you want free admission to CIPA monthly meetings? We need a volunteer to mail CIPA EVVY™ Sticker orders as they come in, on a weekly basis. Postage would be expensed, and you would get to come to our meetings for FREE! Email [email protected] if you are interested in more details.