Wow, what a thoughtful email I received today from one of our award-winners…On behalf of CIPA, thanks Andrew! – Veronica Yager


Good morning, Mademoiselle Veronique!

Please pass this on…. this seems a somewhat awkward and insufficient means to tell you all how very much I enjoyed my visit to the 2015 CIPA EVVY™ Book Awards Banquet this past Sunday night.

Cover Proof_SNOW MEN_Andrew CeroniMy novel, SNOW MEN, was awarded First Place in the FICTION – Action/Adventure genre and I was thrilled!  I launched into a low earth orbit and advised HOUSTON that I would be coming down sometime soon and somewhere near the Rocky Mountains!!!

During my brief comments, I tried to say thanks to you all for the contest and the event, as well as to the Indie Publishers who enable us to see our work in print.  But I want to say more.

At the front of his book, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft“, Stephen King has two quotes (epigraphs).

The first quote is: “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.”

The second quote is: “LIARS PROSPER.” !!!

Funny?  Yes.  True?  Sometimes.  Please know that what I will remember most (after my FIRST PLACE Award!!) is how open, objective, honest, and filled with integrity  your CIPA EVVY™ Awards process seemed to be.  And for that, I wanted to say more.

Thank you ever so much!  “I wish you the very best of all good things.” (Summer of ’42)

Andrew “Andy” Ceroni