ReadCon in Greeley – a two-day convention for readers to discover new authors – has about 13 more spots open for authors to have a table to showcase their books, and hopefully make some of their own sales! Table setups are free, but you must get in touch with Peter Derk, librarian for Farr Regional Library in Greeley. See the details below. Peter’s contact info here.


Saturday, September 12th, 6-8 PM
The actual event begins at 6pm. Feel free to arrive 30 mins early to get set up, find a spot, and get yourself situated. You don’t have to be there that early, but it’s suggested to be there with a good 15 minutes to make sure we get you situated.


There is a good deal of nearby parking. Just northeast of Zoe’s, on 7th avenue, there is on-street parking and a parking lot as well. One block directly north of Zoe’s, on 9th street, there is a large parking lot as well. There is also parallel and diagonal parking near the front entrance to Zoe’s.



We will have some staff available to help unload, especially if you have books that need to be brought in. We will also have a handcart or two. If you have a large amount of stuff, there is temporary parking on the north side of Zoe’s as well. Park there and come in and grab some of us to help you unload.

The Setup

We’re looking to have between 40 and 50 authors at the event. Each author will have a small table space for books, signing, and if you want to bring a couple props or conversation pieces, go right ahead! We’ll also have a chair for each author, and if you need a second chair, let us know. We are going to try and spread people out a bit in a way that circulates the crowd, so please ask for your spot when you arrive.

During The Event

Feel free to sell, schmooze, and chat with the crowd. We’ve had a very interested audience in the past, many of whom are interested in aspects of writing and publishing, all of whom are interested in books and reading. If you’d like to leave your table and chat with some other authors or grab a beer yourself, feel free to do so. We will provide “Be right back” table cards, and we will have staff on hand who can watch your table for a short stretch if need be (they won’t be able to do any sales).

What We Expect

Just be your kind, wonderful, author self. As people make their way around, it’s great to draw them in to conversation about books, other events they’ve attended during the day, the awesome t-shirt they’re wearing, and so on. Lots of our attendees have never met an author before, so it’s good to be prepared for the normal “Who are your inspirations?” and questions like that, and to have an elevator pitch for your book(s).

Barnes and Noble

We are working with a seller from Barnes and Noble. If you’d rather sell your own books, ignore this entirely. If you’d like to look into the option of B&N bringing books, please let me know ASAP. Our rep will check into what they can provide and bring, and they will do all sales of items they bring. In general, if your book is on their shelves or in the warehouse, they’re happy to bring copies.


If you’re handling your own sales, that’s awesome! You’re free to conduct those as you please. We’ve found that people are less and less likely to carry cash, just as a rule. We won’t be asking for a cut of sales or a “booth rental” fee or anything like that. What you make is yours, how you want to sell is up to you, and if you want to run any specials or sales, that’s completely alright as well. If you’re a poet who wants to sell individual, printed poems, go for it!

Safety and Security

The event has gone very, very smoothly in the past. We’ve never had a problem with someone who has…chosen to emphasize the brews over the books, let’s say. We have a ticket/wristband system that limits the sampling, and it’s a completely family-friendly event. We will have security onsite as well, so if you experience ANY issues or problems, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Personal Contact

I’m Peter Derk, and I’ll be coordinating the Books and Brews event that evening.

If you need to get in touch with me prior to the event:

Email [email protected]

Phone: 970-506-8532

If you need to get in touch with me that day

Email [email protected]

Phone: 970-324-1787 (this is personal phone and email, so please use only for the day-of when I won’t have access to my regular work stuff).