Our friend and colleague Brian Jud is planning to start a chapter of his organization APSS (Association of Publishers for Special Sales) here in Denver. He’s looking for someone to head up the chapter. We’re happy to pass his request along to our members. If you’re interested, contact Brian directly at [email protected].

APSSDo you want to meet with people who can help you sell more of your books? And get the discounts and benefits of membership in a national association? And not leave Denver?

Now you can –- if you start a chapter of The Association of Publishers for Special Sales

(APSS – formerly SPAN) in Denver.

APSS is a national organization — the only national organization — devoted to helping its members sell their books in large, non-returnable quantities to non-traditional buyers. We currently have APSS chapters in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Connecticut, Grand Rapids, Nashville, NC, Nebraska, Santa Clarita, CA, Santa Fe, Sarasota, Toronto and West Texas.

We want to enlarge this national network of local chapters to bring APSS to Denver. But we need someone to organize and lead the chapter.

Why should you consider starting an APSS Chapter in Denver? Here is how you can benefit:

  • Help fellow publishers succeed in non-bookstore marketing
  • Develop and practice leadership as well as organizational skills
  • Experience creating and participating in local events as you become the contact person for local event planners
  • Point person for local media: They will come to you to talk about your chapter; you can develop relationships with them for later appearances about your book
  • Make and build contacts with prospective buyers and suppliers
  • Learn about organizing and leading a non-profit organization
  • Exposure in the publishing community while increasing your reputation as a notable industry person
  • Network with national experts and speakers when arranging meetings
  • Exposure and experience as a webinar host (we set them up and co-host each for you)
  • Experience organizing an annual, one-day conference in conjunction with APSS national
  • The chapter leader pays no APSS dues (save $60 per year)
  • Meet with other like-minded people—you will be among the cream of the crop of independent publishers and authors
  • Network with people willing to share information for mutual support
  • Participate in brainstorm marketing at its best
  • There will be a large quantity of information on a variety of book-marketing topics. You will learn from experienced and successful professionals
  • Discover new ideas and creative marketing techniques for successful marketing
  • Find out how to sell in large, non-returnable quantities to businesses, corporations, associations, schools and the military
  • Uncover more prospective buyers for long-term, recurring revenue
  • Become more profitable

You do not have to be an expert in non-bookstore marketing. APSS can provide speakers, meeting material and conduct an annual conference for your members. We will even provide you with the names and contact information for potential members in Denver. In addition, APSS has an experienced person dedicated to be your “consultant “ for starting your chapter.

See an example of an APSS Chapter at https://community.bookapss.org/page/connecticut

Please consider learning more about starting an APSS chapter in Denver. Contact me at [email protected] and I can answer your questions and provide additional information.

To Your Success,
Brian Jud
Executive Director, APSS
(860) 675-1344
[email protected]