By Brian Schwartz

brianschwartzWe all make resolutions with the new year. I am sure you have made yours! Maybe you want to sell more books as an author, or a publisher. Or maybe you would like more business as a service provider. I’d like to share what I feel are the ‘power questions’ you should be asking as you take action to increase your success as a publisher in 2013.  Key to making these four questions work for you is having clarity of purpose and knowing the real ‘why’ behind your goals and objectives. I believe that one or more of these questions reveal why we often fail to accomplish what we set out to do.

1. Have I allocated the necessary space & time to complete the task?

(If not, what can I eliminate to make space for it?)

2. Do I possess all the necessary knowledge, prerequisites, or resources to complete the task?

(If not, do I have enough to partially complete my objective? Is there someone else who can do a better job at the task?)

3. Is fear (obvious or hidden, real or imagined) that is preventing me from taking action?

(Let go of attachment to the outcome. Trust the path you are on, no matter what the result, is the right result for you. Great accomplishment often comes many failures.)

4. Have I let myself get distracted? Have I let something, someone, or my own lack of discipline get in the way? Has my energy and attention been pulled to the latest ‘bright shiny object’?

(Become more disciplined by establishing habits and thought patterns that work for you.  Be honest with yourself and admit if you heart is no longer in it.)

In my experience, the source behind accomplishment is tied directly to self-confidence, self worth, and doing the things that you truly believe matter the most (even if nobody else does!).

All the best to your success in 2013. I hope our paths cross soon!

-Brian Schwartz

CIPA President 2012-2013