By Maryann Brown, CIPA Board Member & PR Co-Chair

Are you interested in media exposure?  Would you like to be sought out for speaking engagements?

Make it easy for public media to find you and your relevant information by having it readily available on your website’s Media Page.  An additional benefit is saving yourself the trouble of gathering and sending your information each time you are asked for it.

On your website, have a tab labeled “Media Page”.  On this page, provide the items described below.  These materials should be in PDF format with a link for download.  Images can be JPEG or PNG files.

What should be on your Media Page?

  • Your Bio – Since these are used for different purposes, it is a great idea to have two bios available – one brief bio, and another extended bio.
  • Author/Speaker Introduction – This is the brief description to introduce you at a speaking engagement, or to tell a studio audience who you are.  You could even provide several short versions to choose from.  Isn’t it nice when you are introduced with correct information?
  • Speaker/Author One-Sheet – This is an informative, one page flier, which is basically a glamorized “resume”, embellished with photos, testimonials, and information about you and your accomplishments.  You probably spent a lot of time deciding how to promote your book, and this an equally valuable project — it is to promote YOU!
  • Book Fact Sheet – Include your book title, cover photo, a brief synopsis, ISBN, publication date, price, category, page count, publisher and contact information.
  • Downloadable Photos and Logos – It is important to provide both high (300 dpi) and low (72 dpi) resolution photos of you, your book cover, and logo (if you have one). The high resolution photos are used for print or television, and the low resolution photos are for the internet.
  • Sample Chapter(s) –  A great way to let your potential audience or future hosts see what a fabulous writer you are!
  • Quotable Blurbs – Give your host some great copy to tout your book or speaking topics.
  • Sample Interview Questions / Speaking Topics – Not only will your host be overjoyed that you did some of their work, but you will ensure that you are prepared with answers during your interview.
  • Prior Media Coverage – Provide instant credibility for you and your book.  Include descriptions and links to where you’ve been featured on TV, radio, newspapers, websites, blogs, etc.
  • Podcasts/Videos – Links or downloads of your audio or video material.  Be aware though, that this is not the webpage to sell these items – only offer ones that are available or are sample clips.

There are plenty of other items you can offer on this page, such as Testimonials, FAQs or Press Releases.  Use your creativity!

You can gather and prepare many of these items yourself, and for some you may want to hire a professional to help with the copy, graphics and layout.  Your book looks fabulous – be sure your Media Page projects the same image.

Maryann Brown is the owner of Creative Marketing Cafe, LLC, providing websites and marketing materials for authors and speakers.  Find out more at