In her premiere novel, In Search of Sushi Tora, CIPA member Emily Kemme takes the reader on a fast-paced ride through reality. Told with turns of sparkling wit and biting humor, she evaluates the purpose of marriage, and puts a spin on how we can survive the trials of everyday life. “We’re very happy that Emily has chosen Brook Forest Voices to publish her first novel as an audiobook” says Diana Andrade, audiobook publisher and President of Brook Forest Voices. Diana will also serve as narrator with sound engineered by Derek Whitacre.

In Search of Sushi Tora, was named a Finalist in the First Novel category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Diana stated, “As a finalist, it was recognized and honored as one of the most exceptional independently published books of the year, and will be an excellent addition to the Brook Forest Voices audiobook catalog.”

The audiobook version of In Search of Sushi Tora may be purchased as an mp3 CD or download by going to the BFV audiobook store at   It is also available as an mp3 CD through or as a download in mid August through,, and

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