CIPA Associate Member, Diana Andrade of Brook Forest Voices, is now able to produce, publish and sell your books online as audio downloads through, iTunes, and

Brook Forest Voices’ latest release, A Voice from the Grave by Yvonne Mason, is a historical fiction of mysterious family secrets set in the remains of the infamous Andersonville Prison in Georgia.


Brook Forest Voices also announces the January release of Just Beyond Harmony by author Gaydell Collier. Armed with idealistic visions of the West, the author and her husband embark on The Grand Experiment during the 1960s: raising their four children
in a primitive Wyoming log cabin built by early Swedish settlers without modern amenities, to teach the “youngsters” values and self‐reliance.

50 years later, Gaydell chronicles her family’s experience from unearthed diaries and letters she had written to her mother during the cabin years. She recalls the joy, dreams, humor, struggles and growth for the kids, her husband, and most of all, herself.