CIPA member, Bob Wiley launched his first book, Struggles, Service, & Smiles; An autobiography of a Depression Era Kid, about a fatherless child becomes a WWII Veteran.

This book covers a life that has been lived during a third of the history of the United States. It goes from 1924, when hamburger somemes sold for a nickel a pound, to 2011, with a baconwrapped filet in a butcher shop nudging $20.00 a pound.

As this book chronicles the life of Lieutenant Colonel Wiley, he is confident that WWII veterans, as well as other veterans, will be reminded of the days of their youth and early adulthood; the trying times as well as the pleasures and friendships. Women will get a glimpse into the vital role of military wives during both war and peace. Children and grandchildren of these vets may gain some insight as to what their parents
and grandparents encountered and endured but which were never related.

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