CIPA member Doug Koktavy’s 2010 bestseller, The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers is one of those evergreen books all authors hope theirs will be. While the book earned good sales and fourteen book awards—including a CIPA Evvy first-place award—right out of the gate, it’s far from forgotten more than a year later. It just received a glowing review from Best Friends Animal Society magazine (September-October 2011).

Doug, an attorney in Denver who drew inspiration from his two beloved dogs during their final days, wrote about a little understood but all too common malady: anticipatory grief when a pet is dying. The book struck a chord with pet owners across the country and Europe, interestingly leading to increasing sales through word of mouth. Doug is working on a follow-up guide book for pet owners and their veterinarians, as well as a memoir about his third dog, a rescue named Coral. He can be reached at, on Facebook at BeezerandBoomer, and by email [email protected]. His publishing company is B Brothers Press, Denver.