Dennis Rodriguez

By CIPA member and author Dennis Rodriguez

Is it possible to trust in your heart’s desires amidst a pandemic of fear and uncertainty Which path is easier? To ride out the news of natural disasters, negative economic forecasts and impending foreclosures in a state of energetic shut down or to open our hearts and minds to possibilities that are beyond our wildest aspirations and dreams? Some might say that it is easier to shut down. That it’s easier to close off to the juice of life and accept a meager-just trying to make it till tomorrow-existence.

Is it?

That gnawing feeling that you are meant for greater things won’t just go away. The intuition that you are not fully free unless you are more and more of yourself with more and more people won’t just disappear. Quiet desperation has a persistent challenger in thundering determination. It’s just a matter of time before it is your time. Unless you want your time to be now.

Do you?

In May of 2009, when I made the decision to resign my eight year management position in

The Super Human Effect

the middle of the worst recession since the great depression and become an author and life coach, I had no idea that the choice would require such an intense level of trust and belief in a resource-filled universe. Now, two years later, I am what I decided to be. Trusting in your original dream seed, no matter what your circumstances look like will ensure its realization. Believe in your intuitive spark. You are not crazy. Once this spark is burning, everyone will feel your light. It is contagious and the pandemic of debilitating fear can be transformed to one of divine love.

Dennis Rodriguez is a heart-centering life coach and author of The Super Human Effect: My Quest for the Moment When Everything Changes. Now available at Tattered Cover, Boulder Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit

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