by Dan Miller, incoming CIPA president

This is a quick update on the CIPA/Douglas County Libraries e-Book Partnership.

The first group of CIPA EVVY award-winning books are now available for loan through the library’s check-out system. And I have been contacted by the largest library system in the country to explore a similar partnership.


CIPA is now accepting submissions for second group of CIPA EVVY award-winning e-book titles for review and approval. If you are an EVVY award-winner and have your book in a validated ePub format, you may let CIPA know of your interest in participating by completing the “Opt-in” at this address:

If you are an CIPA EVVY award winner but do not have your book(s) in ePub format and are not sure about how to proceed, you might consider contacting one of CIPA’s Associate Service Providers who offer e-book conversion services. A list of these providers may be found at:

And remember – the library is purchasing these e-books to put into their lending program. It is not a give-away program!