Three authors from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association will be reading and signing books on Sunday, April 10, 2011, 2:00 pm at the Boulder Book Store. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about our authors, hear them read passages from their books and get to know them. These seasoned professionals represent just a handful of our authors and publishers. The presentation promises to be fun, entertaining and informative.

Mary Ramstetter, author of Over the Mountains of the Moon• “(This book) deserves… greater critical attention than a book from a small press is likely to attract…Whether read as an adventure tale, a quest, a love story, a character study or a narrative of survival, it succeeds on all levels. It is a western which transcendsthe genre.” —Doris Meredith, Amarillo Sunday News-Globe

Carolyn Jennings, author of Hunger Speaks• An eating disorder can be a dead end or a door opening to a life better than you can imagine. Hunger Speaks, a memoir told in poetry, breaks the silence of food addiction, reveals the turbulence of early recovery, unveils the spiral process of healing, and sings celebration of what a recovered life can be. It is a story that offers companionship and opens possibility.

Nancy Mills, author of Hug a Bug• Hug a Bug offers a series of clever, humorous glimpses at life’s simple pleasures with rhymes and whimsical illustrations. Greg Moody, CBS, Denver, says, “…Nancy Mills once again proves that there is glory in letting the mind wander to places where words are play, images change their meanings and the heart has no boundaries. Hug a Bug is a delight.”