The Colorado Independent Publishers Association is proud to announce this year’s winners of the CIPA EVVY Awards, presented to members for publishing excellence. The 17th annual  ceremony was held Saturday, March 19 at the Red Lion Hotel in Denver, CO.

The CIPA EVVYs are awarded each year to members whose books meet and exceed the high standards set by the organization. There are 21 genre categories in which to enter, plus 5 technical categories – cover design, layout & design, illustration, printing and editing.  Awards are not made in any category unless the book meets the criteria with the minimum number of points attained.

Judges are selected based on their particular area of expertise and include teachers, business leaders, literature critics, writers, book-lovers, editors, graphic designers and many more.

“If you are a winner in 2011, you are the best of the best!” says CIPA President Nancy Mills.  “When one of our members wins a CIPA EVVY or a Tech Award it signifies the achievement of the highest form of excellence and is recognized by industry professionals across the country. All of our winners should be very proud of their accomplishments.”

For a complete list of CIPA EVVY winners and Tech Award winners, go to