In our last two posts we discussed why you should sign up for CIPA College offerings. We are working our way through the top 5 reasons!

  1. Find out what you need to know about independent publishing, when you need to know it.
  2. Become a better-informed consumer of publishing services.
  3. Save money.
  4. Save time.
  5. Work smarter, not harder.

Today, we will talk about the third great reason for signing up.

3. Save money

For most new authors, their book is their passion, and they can visualize the finished work in the hands of avid readers. Little do they realize that they actually could lose money on each book sold if they are not careful on the business side of the equation. Or they could just end up with a handful of check stubs and a basement full of books that haven’t sold. Worse yet, they may give away their rights and control over the destiny of their work.

Publishing is a business, and it’s a business that is undergoing revolutionary changes and opportunities that need to be understood and mastered if success is to be realized. Getting a book into print is the easy part. Allocating your resources wisely is a challenge, and making money is the hard part.

You can reduce the cost of independently publishing your book if you know what’s involved in successfully publishing, marketing, promoting, and distributing books, which things you can and cannot do yourself, and the kinds of outside services you will need, where you can obtain them, and what they should cost.

Are you fully informed about the publishing options available today and the consequences of each in terms of your time and talents, artistic control, financial investments, and potential revenue?  Do you know what is involved in getting a book edited, through interior layout and cover design, printed and/or converted into e-book formats, distributed, and marketed?

Where do you start?

For little more than the price of a fast food lunch for two, you could get a lot of answers to questions like those cited above by attending CIPA College courses such as Comparison of Publishing Options, one of the ten courses scheduled for the CIPA College Days on Feb. 12th and 26th.  Think of each CIPA College course as your opportunity to meet and learn from professionals who have particular expertise in areas of independent publishing.

CIPA College has identified 100+ topics that relate to the business of independent publishing. Ten of the topics are the subjects of courses scheduled for Feb. 12th and 26th at two Front Range locations.

Basics of copyright

Basics of a marketing plan

Comparison of publishing options

Establishing & promoting your brand

Create a website that sells books

Blogs, blurbs, Twitter, and other noise

Basics of e-book devices, formats, retailers

E-book distribution systems

Strategies for launching your new book

Integrating social media into marketing

Watch for two more great reasons to sign up for CIPA College courses!